Teemu Ollilainen
Managing Director, Prime Minister Spatial8 LLC

Managing director of Spatial8 LLC and Prime Minister of XR Nation

As an well-seasoned ICT professional, I am adept at understanding how technology and business interact with each other. Having had a front row seat starting from the 80's to the fascinating changes in the information technology field provides me with a valuable holistic view across all aspects of business planning, general management, and subject matter expertise. I excel at helping enterprise customers solve challenges in the whole ICT -sector including all areas of networking, cyber security, IoT, Cloud and specially how new emerging technologies like Spatial Computing and blockchain technologies are related to their business.

I am completely and wholeheartedly passionate about immersing myself into my customers’ business with the goal of helping them to achieve efficiently and overall operational success.


Oct 21

10:00 - 10:50


Nordic Values for XR Development

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Kristine Kvam | Fynd Reality

Maria Nova | Creator

Teemu Ollilainen | Spatial8 LLC