Oliver Woehler
Enterprise Lead PICO

I am grateful to be able to develop and to be part of building this fantastic brand and team at PICO! Active in the VR world since 2016 and enjoying every minute of it, I previously worked for various consumer electronic companies, where products were quite innovative but I knew there was more to discover.

I then came across VR technology for the first time and it has been a groundbreaking experience for me.

It has been great to be one of the first to introduce VR in consumer retail and share this passion with customers across the DACH and Benelux region.

Every day I am still amazed by what virtual reality can do, there is so much to develop and discover, and this makes me really excited about the future of this industry.

I recently took the opportunity to get a first insight into the enterprise business and to start developing solutions for companies of various sizes, pushing the technology to improve and evolve with one objective in mind: creating real added value for our partners and customers.


Oct 20

09:30 - 09:55


PICO Business: A New Enterprise Product Announcement

Alizé Amrani | PICO

Oliver Woehler | PICO