Ken Kim
CEO 3i

3i Inc. is a global software and hardware innovation powerhouse whose mission is to transform the way the physical world interacts with the digital world. We aim to recognize the diverse need to create and communicate, and make sure that they are not limited by the capabilities of the technology at hand.Ken’s passion for photography and technology as a young boy, led to him to take apart his father’s Yashica camera when he was 10 years old. He started taking panoramic photography when he got a 1M pixel digital camera using MS ice and Apple Quicktime VR in 2005 to capture panoramic sceneries in Kenya. He loved it and was forever hooked.He currently works on both Beamo and Pivo (Enterprise SAAS & Consumer Electronics) to enable anyone to capture immersive media and creative content for both personal and business. Having worked with technology for over 20 years, and software development for the past 10, Ken has always wanted to innovate products that meld his profession with his love of photography and travel.Born in Seoul, Korea; Ken has lived all over the United States and traveled more than 20+ countries. He lives between San Jose, California, and Seoul, South Korea.


Oct 20

14:00 - 14:25

Oct 21

12:15 - 13:15


K-Metaverse Pitch Stage Featuring Korean Start-Ups

Jaehun Kim | Ejune System

Hobin Chen | Haegin

Ken Kim | 3i

Dahye Choi | Brandi

Danny Cho | MARVRUS

ByeongSu Kim | NeoGames Technology Ltd.

Jinsong Roh | MetaVu Co., Ltd.

Alexis Choo | NP Inc.

Jurang Kim | Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.

Andrey Lunev | Startup Wise Guys

Dominica Lee | P&C Solution Co., Ltd

Oct 21

16:25 - 16:45


Event Wrap-up and Best in Show Awards

Faye Maidment | Angel Investor

Alizé Amrani | PICO

Ken Kim | 3i

Cansu Cinar | Investor

Ori Inbar | AWE and Super Ventures