Daria Fedko
CEO WeAR Studio

Daria Fedko is CEO of WE/AR Studio – a Ukrainian XR studio recognized as one of the world’s top 25 AR/VR companies & Intel’s official partner in AR/VR solutions.

Additionally, Daria is a Technology Ambassador of Ukraine at the World Leader Summit, where she builds a tech-oriented community to drive innovation and share the experience among different verticals.

Today, Daria works with the leading brands providing them with custom-made AR/VR solutions for their needs. Her company also helps businesses to migrate to the Metaverse and keep up with the times in the coming era of Web3.

Additionally, Daria has been invited to speak at global events such as Laval Virtual 2022, XR Global Summit, AWE Nite Amsterdam, VR/AR Global Summit, and others.


● Laval Virtual 2022

● XR Global Summit

● AWE Nite Amsterdam

● VR/AR Global Summit


Oct 21

09:40 - 10:05


Accessibility/5G in Europe

Daria Fedko | WeAR Studio

Elisabetta Rotolo | MIAT

Isabel De Peuter-Rutten | Euromersive | Federation of EU XR Professionals

Olivier Zitvogel | MACKNeXT