Olivier Zitvogel

From 2011-2013 Olivier Zitvogel was the CTO of Sprice at Travelport ( and leaded international projects.

He founded DIGITAL Z ( and HOLODIA ( The first company is dedicated to highly-skilled IT consulting, the second to Virtual Reality solutions.

After graduating « magna cum laude » and working for cognitive science and artificial intelligence research labs, Olivier Zitvogel founded UBIC in 2005. Acting as a free IT consultant, he created software, leaded projects and managed teams in various business segments including science, international organizations, (cyber)security, finance, networking, pharmaceutical, electrical and travel.

Olivier Zitvogel is not only an IT guru, he is also very creative and truly inspired. He notably created the first Virtual Reality system dedicated to cognitive science experiments and one of the first mobile Social App along with numerous digital art creations.

Last but not least, Olivier Zitvogel, intervenes in Universities on various IT topics. His interest in interaction and share of knowledge stems from his early years : he acted as a journalist and presenter in the first video game TV show ever (« Micro Kid’s ») when he was only 12, and participated in the creation of the TV channel « Game One » when he was 17. Thereby, he is an appreciated lecturer and speaker.

Olivier Zitvogel's academic excellence associated with international project management, team leading, inspiration, creativity and range of experience is a strong asset for MackNeXT.


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