Marco Richardson
Founder and CEO Inclusify AG

Marco Richardson is the founder and CEO of INCLUSIFY AG. He is a full-fledged technology enthusiast and developer for over 20 years, moreover, he has been using his passion to support customers and clients during the development of innovative solutions. He is an expert in UX/UI for desktop and web, mobile devices and mixed reality combined with AI as well as spatial computing. During his time as an employee of a major globally active IT company, he found his purpose, which is to use his knowledge and skills to empower people. His heart beats for TechForGood – technology that is used for the greater good and puts people at the center.

For this reason, he founded INCLUSIFY AG, whose vision is to shape a world, in which no one is excluded.


Oct 20

17:35 - 18:00


Metaverse Is A Stair, Not A Door

Marco Richardson | Inclusify AG

Nina Blömer | Inclusify AG