Nina Blömer
Product Manager Inclusify AG

Nina Hauer is a Product Manager and UX/UI expert at INCLUSIFY AG.

She uses her 7+ years of experience as an UX designer to lead the planning and conception of products that enable as many people as possible to be part of our everyday life through technology. User and customer centricity is a matter of the heart for her, she makes sure via interface design and wireframing that INCLUSFIY does meet the needs and expectations of all target and user groups, so that no one is left out. Nina also has a great expertise in innovation consulting as well as guiding customers and clients to find new business ideas. She is also a great asset when it comes to finalize and finish important projects successfully.


Oct 20

17:35 - 18:00


Metaverse Is A Stair, Not A Door

Marco Richardson | Inclusify AG

Nina Blömer | Inclusify AG