Eugene Ntota
CTO Uhula ICT (Pty) Ltd

Hi my name is Eugene Ntota. I am the CTO for Uhula ICT (Pty) Ltd. I am passionate about innovation and problem solving with A.I and driven to make solutions and visions become a reality using I.O.T and Technology. I love exploring innovation to see where I can apply it to make life easier, to improve the local business in Africa and globally. I see technology as a tool that can be used especially in the medical field to improve on medical care, with the modern day telemedicine approve every around the globe can get access to proper health care without all the additional travelling cost.


I love working with industry 4.0 and see how we can collaborate as a global community to improve our daily businesses, cities and lives. I live and aspire to be an inspirational innovator in my generation and to keep building with technologies in our African communities.


Oct 21

10:25 - 12:00


Start-Up Pitch Competition

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Eugene Ntota | Uhula ICT (Pty) Ltd

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Marco DeMiroz | The Venture Reality Fund