Ani Manjavidze
CEO CrossCreators

Ani Manjavidze is the founder and CEO of Crosscreators - marketplace for augmented reality marketing.

 Before stepping in founding role, Ani was actively involved in many international advertising and marketing campaigns as a Marketing lead and CMO.

After stepping in augmented reality, she decided to make this technology accessible to all companies without any hussle. She's a first mover in her region, therefore Crosscreators became really popular in short amount of time.


Oct 21

10:25 - 12:00


Start-Up Pitch Competition

Cam Mullen | Nevermet

Faye Maidment | Angel Investor

Cansu Cinar | Investor

Mariia Tintul | Startup Wise Guys

Marie Tors | Graffiti

Melodie Mousset | Patch XR

Amber French | Catalyst Entertainment Technology

Adam Hutchinson | oVRcome

Ani Manjavidze | CrossCreators

Lili Eva Bartha | GN3RA

Eugene Ntota | Uhula ICT (Pty) Ltd

Ivan Isakov | Valkyrie Industries

Marco DeMiroz | The Venture Reality Fund