Georgios Chantziaras
Sr Associate Pfizer

Georgios Chantziaras is an experienced engineer, developer and researcher with a scientific interest in emerging XR Technologies. Georgios has 6 years of experience both as a technical designer and team leader in various European research projects implementing AR and VR technologies within the context of Manufacturing 4.0 and has authored multiple publications in international conferences and journals.

He is currently the Solution Owner for the Augmented Reality workstream of Pfizer PGS Digital Manufacturing Innovative Technology Team focusing on shopfloor solutions that aim to increase the productivity and efficiency of the modern workforce.


Oct 20

15:30 - 16:00


How Pfizer Leverages AR / VR in Their Manufacturing Plants Now and What They Are Exploring for the Future!

Georgios Chantziaras | Pfizer

Nicholas Hockley | Pfizer

Ronan Kelly | Pfizer