Amir Baradaran
Founder & CEO ABXR Studio

Amir Baradaran is the founder and CEO of ABXREngine, an AI-enabled, no-code platform to democratize access to content creation in AR/VR. He is also an artist, technologist, and scholar specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and XR. Baradaran taught spatial computing at Columbia University, where ABXR was born.  He is the founder of the summit AnotherAI in Art: Decolonizing AI & ArtSci Ecosystem, and is the guest editor for the AI and Society Academic Journal. His art installations have reached international audiences and he has been featured by publications including Artinfo, BBC, La Presse, El Mundo, and Forbes Magazine. Baradaran has held numerous fellowships and residencies, including with the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, and has received funding from the Knight Foundation, Morgan Stanley, and Canada Council for the Arts.