Vilma Mattila
Founder & CEO 5ire

Vilma Mattila, Founder & CBO, 5ire, Venture Capitalist & Futurist. Incubated 63+ Projects, including Tron & Aleph Zero; Advisor at the EU Blockchain Observatory, World Future Society & UN USA; Member of Singularity University, Ex-EU Lawyer. +7 years involved in Blockchain Technology.

Vilma Mattila is a venture capitalist, growth expert, and futurist. She is a part of the founding team at 5ire and a visionary woman leader looking to revolutionise the blockchain industry, keeping sustainability at its core. Vilma has been +7 years in the blockchain industry.

As the Founder and Chief Business Officer at 5ire, Vilma is responsible for the business strategies and growth efforts of 5ire across the globe. She is a firm believer that one can make money and grow a business while doing social good and impacting the lives of billions around the world.

Vilma is a data-driven leader passionate about futurism, blockchain, web3, and enabling start-ups to succeed in a hypercompetitive global economy. She advises innovation labs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their businesses. Vilma has incubated, participated, and invested in over +63 projects, including Qtum, Tron, Aleph Zero & Noble as an investor. She is an advisor at the EU Blockchain Observatory, World Future Society & UN USA.

Vilma is also a Member of Singularity University, an Ex-EU Lawyer. Vilma holds an MBA from the London School of Business and Management.


Oct 20

13:55 - 14:45


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