David Robustelli
Creative Technologist Beyond

David Robustelli is the founder and creative director of Beyond. ​​An Amsterdam-based metaverse studio with a strong focus on virtual fashion and creating the synergy between augmented reality, 3D, and Web3.0. He has been in the field of AR for over 13 years and can be seen as a pioneer within the AR field. David is a key-note speaker and regularly asked panel member. Beyond operates globally with an in-house team of creatives, 3D artists, fashion designers, and developers. Beyond's experience within the 3D and augmented reality space, enables brands to translate these virtual collections into highly immersive real-time digital wearables.


Oct 20

16:05 - 16:55


How Virtual Fashion is Recreating the Fashion Space for Brands and Consumers

Sonya Haskins | AWE XR

Joanna Hadfield | Global Digital Fashion Awards

Kaspar Tiri | Ready Player Me

David Robustelli | Beyond

Tumelo Setlaba | The Fabricant