Tumelo Setlaba
Product Lead The Fabricant

Tumelo Setlaba has a unique message and perspective to share as a young, African, female startup founder growing two Web3 based fashion tech businesses in Europe. Her career has spanned the fashion tech space as product and customer experience leadership from top fashion e-commerce platforms to leading product at one of the biggest Fashion NFT companies out there today. As founder and CEO of Styelxxa, Tumelo is committed to solving the ever-growing returns due to wrong size issue in online fashion retail, by combining shopper biometric data with garment data using AI, 3D body scanning, and Web3 infrastructure. Following her background in TV presenting and News reading, she recently hosted the annual African Fashion Week Amsterdam, where today Tumelo has some key observations to share about such a globally influential fashion event.


Oct 20

16:05 - 16:55


How Virtual Fashion is Recreating the Fashion Space for Brands and Consumers

Sonya Haskins | AWE XR

Joanna Hadfield | Global Digital Fashion Awards

Kaspar Tiri | Ready Player Me

David Robustelli | Beyond

Tumelo Setlaba | The Fabricant