Samira Abdelmalek
Senior Producer The Mill

Samira has been producing project across web, application, and interactive experiences over her

15 years in the advertising industry in the Middle East, the US and the UK. She has worked with clients such as Sky Italia, Reuters, BBC, Ford, PepsiCo and HBO. Her more recent emerging tech delivery is the House of the Dragon’s App: Dracarys that was released on the App Store and Google Play in July 2022.

With immersive experiences, she strives to combine the latest innovations with emerging cultural trends to connect audiences emotionally with brands.

As a producer, she focuses on the implementation of frameworks and processes that allow for the team to work effectively. Her goal is also to facilitate collaboration and synergies with clients.


Oct 21

11:05 - 11:55


Meaning and Purpose: The Keys to Building the Metaverse

Deborah Casswell | Nexus Studios

Samira Abdelmalek | The Mill

Jen Haugan | Nexus Studios

Veronica Orvalho | Didimo

Sarah Burslem | Niantic Labs