Ivan Isakov
CTO Valkyrie Industries

Ivan Isakov, PhD - CTO and Co-Founder of Valkyrie Industries. After 8 years in academia, working at UCL & Imperial College London on nanoelectronics and thin film technology, Ivan co-founded Valkyrie Industries to bring immersive technology to industries and consumers. For the last 5 years in the company, he has been developing a variety of haptic products, including suits, gloves and armbands, and has created multiple VR experiences, including industrial robotic teleoperation system, creative sculpting app "Argil" and immersive fitness app "EIR Training". In addition to his startup job, he is a speaker, educator and creative coder.


Oct 21

10:25 - 12:00


Start-Up Pitch Competition

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Ivan Isakov | Valkyrie Industries

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