Caitlin Krause
Founder MindWise

Caitlin Krause is an experience designer, global speaker, and author who focuses on the intersection of creativity, technology, innovation, and wellbeing. She founded the consultancy MindWise in 2015, and teaches about digital wellbeing and XR at Stanford University. Author of Designing Wonder: Leading Transformative Experiences in VRMindful By Design, and Digital Satori, Caitlin has advised global organizations including TED, Google, The U.S. Air Force, Meta, Oracle, Evernote, University of San Francisco, ETH Zürich, and the U.S. State Department. She has created and run numerous collaborative experiences in social XR, fusing presence, storytelling, meditation, and social and emotional intelligence. She helps to create immersive therapeutic applications that engage the senses for a full experience. She holds an MFA from Lesley University and a BA from Duke University. Caitlin helps individuals and teams navigate complexity and change in the future of work, prioritizing wellbeing, collaboration, and imagination through wonder and awe.