Trish Gianakis
Artist BronxNet TV

Trish Gianakis is an acclaimed immersive artist, professor, and art director with over 20 + years of experience in user experience/interface design. Her innovative artworks have gained national and international recognition, blending technology with physical sculptures to create captivating immersive experiences. Holding a Master's Degree in Computer Art Installation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she has remained at the forefront of digital art and technology. Additionally, she holds an Emmy Award for on-air graphics created for an NBC documentary, and her expertise in user experience design has led her to work with renowned companies like Major League Baseball, AMC TV, and artists like Elton John and Queen Latifah. 

In the summer of 2022, Gianakis was selected as an artisan in residency for two years at Bronxnet TV, collaborating on building an advanced XR/VR/AR Lab and Video Production Studio. Her art projects have ranged from: New York City and The Bronx augmented reality tour of famous people from the Bronx, showcasing the city's rich history. NFT Fundraising featuring an NFT celebrating BronxNet TV's 35-year anniversary and 50 Years of Hip-hop NFTs. Currently, she is creating virtual reality set designs for their TV programming.