David Rokhlin
Former Program Coordinator at Meta Reality Labs Consultant

David is a former Program Coordinator (Product Experiences & Operations) under Reality Labs at Meta, XR Consultant/Speaker and seasoned Marketer. His passion for emerging technologies that benefit humanity, marketing, psychology, gaming, music, cinema, live experiences and compelling entertainment, fuel his creative approach to elevating brands authentically. He strives to connect companies with their audiences on a personal level and make that connection both unique and memorable.

A pivotal moment occurred many years back at a trade show, where David's first introduction to Virtual Reality tech reignited the magic and escapism once felt in his youth with his love for the cinematic arts. Upheld by an exciting and powerful vision of what this revolutionary technology would unlock for the future of entertainment, education, training, wellness, and more, this transformative experience propelled him forward into the XR industry without looking back.

David carries unwavering dedication to educating others about the XR industry, generating excitement about its profound use cases and connecting talent to build a dynamic ecosystem, ensuring a compelling impact on the industry's future, to drive innovation and contribute to its growth and prosperity.