Miao Tian
Senior Product Designer Autodesk, Inc.

Miao Tian joined Autodesk in 2023 as Senior Product Designer, XR, specializing in the creation and implementation of XR solutions. With 15 years of industry experience, she focuses on designing with emerging technologies. Her expertise extends to identifying scalable solutions, bridging gaps between stakeholders, strategic objectives, user needs, and market trends. Prior to joining Autodesk, Miao held a similar role at Microsoft, where she strategized, designed, and shipped end-to-end UX flow for pioneering XR products, including HoloLens2 product interface, Mesh events and Mesh for teams integration. 

Miao embarked on her XR journey with her startup adventure, HoloKit, where she led product design. Launched at AWE in 2017, HoloKit 1.0 aimed to be the primary software and hardware tool for emerging mixed reality enthusiasts.

Before stepping into tech industry, Miao was an architectural and industrial designer in New York and Shanghai, working on a variety of project ranging from residential, education to medical facilities, sizing from small boutique apartment to Manhattan skyscraper complex.